The Upcoming review of BP Portrait Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery in London: ...Now in its 37th year, the BP Portrait Award not only represents a range of countries, but also a variety of painting techniques: from strikingly realistic works that almost seem like photographs to expressive brush works, almost every genre of painting is represented. Equally diverse is the range of subjects – from family members and friends to prominent personalities, the range is overwhelming. John Borowicz’s Tad (Son of the Artist), for example, depicts the heartwarming moment when his young son pulled a large brown paper bag on his head, while Charles Moxon more soberly portrays MP Harriet Harman in a Renaissance-style full-head portrait...

Blouin Art Info. review of BP Portrait Award Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery in London - ...Other highlights are works that also take their inspiration from art history. “Die Vermutung I” by Wolfgang Kessler, for example, features a young girl in a shawl like Holbein-era royal portraits; John Borowicz’s “Tad (Son of the Artist)” is similar, but strips the images of their imperial trappings, replacing the robes and crown with his topless son wearing a paper hat.

Borowicz' portrait of his son Tadeusz has been selected for the BP Portrait Award Exhibition - National Portrait Gallery, London - 23 June - 4 September 2016.

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